Workweek App for IOS and Android

So everyone on our site who’s visiting it and watching it daily I’m happy to announce that we do indeed have a mobile app in the works! And it’s coming out very soon … like very soon! So what would you be able to do with this? Everything you can do on the website but just on your phone. Everything from posting pictures to finding new jobs and posting jobs that you need to be done. Better interaction with our community and forums pages and also read everything we write on our blogs. Basically, you can do everything on this app. The timeline so far, for right now is a bit scarce but it should be out in just a little you won’t have to wait too long for it! Believe me, this app is really going to change the industry and we have very big plans for it. We’re all excited for our members to get their hands on it finally and use it. Just the sheer convenience of the app is going to be out of this world. More updates coming soon! So stay tuned.