Wooddeck V.S PVC

Out with the old and in with the new, PVC decks are here and are slowly going to take over traditional wooden decks in your backyards. The wild price increase in lumber and wood since the start of the pandemic of crouse and also the rise of people staying home and having a lot more time on their hands, plus with the summer breeze in the air people are starting to start building decks. But now homeowners have the choice of choosing what kind of material they want to use for their new project. Before the best and cheapest option was wood or pressure-treated wood. Because it was fairly easy to maintain and also very, very inexpensive plus it just looks good if you give it an awesome coat of paint. Now we have more options other than wood, we got PVC or ploy composite offerings. These are just a tiny bit more expensive like close to double the price of a wood deck, but the benefits really do pay off in the end. 1. PVC decks are insanely cheap to maintain because its just plastic at the end of the day and will barely wear even with heavy use of force put on them 2. You can buy the PVC in all sorts of different types of finishes and colors, anything from ultrachic and modern or to something more classical like a vintage aged look or even mimic the color of actual wood, so your PVC wooden deck will look like an actual wooden deck. 3. They last a whole lot longer than any wooden deck because at the end of the day wood is wood and regardless of what treatment of wood it is, it’ll still wear easily and faster with heavy use. If you have tons of gathering on your wooden deck it may start to creak or crack in some rare cases. Plus in the down months like fall and winter, it’s going to get worn down even more. But PVC? Barely anything, at the end of its plastic mixed with other material and it’ll barely even creak or breakfast. It’s kinda like glass vs plastic, glass is still glass and will break but plastic ? not at all. Still, Pvc is almost or close to double the cost of wood and if you really think about it, Pvc is kind of better. Because with all the time energy and effort, plus all the money that it would cost to maintain your wooden deck, just make one out of PVC it’ll last generations and sometimes, maybe add a lot more to the value of your home than regular old wood can.