Renovations in the winter ?

So the Covid 19 virus is approaching its second year anniversary of being this massive global pandemic and because of that everything from food to wood has skyrocketed in prices because of supply chain issues and etc. But since we are in the winter months and honestly sales are rampant everywhere, some of the big retailers for home improvement are discounting some of their materials and all. So you have some things around the house you want to get fixed? Maybe new marble for your washroom? New countertops? Or even a new entertainment area in your basement. Go and see all the materials, electronics that are going on sale probably right now! Check out your local stores. I’m sure anything from a premium can of paint for your news walls to new equipment if your a handyman to maybe even some contractors are having some holiday specials. Why? Because this is the holiday season or more or less the season of sales and discounts.