Summer Renovation

Summer Renovation

Since summer is just around the corner people are looking to put in some TLC for their homes weather for a fresh new look or for sale. So what would be the best renovations to get done on a home that add the most value to your home ?

Well let’s start with number 1
Remodeling your kitchen , well of course it would be ! A sleek new remodel of your kitchen will
A) give it a fresh new exciting and modern look
B) new stainless steel appliances and new tech that comes with these modern world appliances, like a fridge that has a TV? Mad
C) increase in home value !

Think about the kitchen is probably one of the most used and shall I say lived in and loved places in your entire home. Reports show a nicely done kitchen with modern granite countertop and some fancy stainless steel appliances, actually increase your homes equity by almost 60-70% !

What would be the second best Reno to do in your home ? Well like most of Canada we have tough winters-and lush , amazing summers filled with bright sunny days. Temperatures that rise above 25 degrees on most days and just and all around feeling of happiness.

So why not build a deck in your backyard ?
It is a tiny bit pricy depending on how extravagant you want to go with the build but usually a deck that can hold about 6-10 people easily is around the $9,000 – $12,000 range. The more SQ foot you need the price increases ! But the average deck is about 200-400 sq so your fine.

The benefits of have a deck in your backyard ? Invite your friends for some backyard get togetherness ! Host small parties for your kids and yourselves of course. Whip out the BBQ and make some burgers , enjoy the sun and maybe get a tan ? Who knows ! Having a deck in your backyard is kind of an extension of yourself and personality ! It’s kinda like having a porch in your front yard but in your backyard and it’s bigger … and away from nosey neighbors.

But how much on average does a deck add to your home ? It ads close to 80% from stats we’ve collected ! Don’t believe us ? Go to an open listing and see the backyard your realtor will more or less always say a deck would be the best added feature to any backyard ! Plus any home without a deck just feels empty

Adding new paint to your walls !

Think about it as soon as you walk into anyone’s home or any home for that matter the paint that’s on the walls is what will give you that sense of a warm and cozy feeling or modern and chic feel.

Colours like soft earth tones and pastels really give any home a sense of warmth , comfort and just cozy feeling. Kinda makes you feel like your at home in your own home !

To that colours like greys , blues , greens , and vibrant yellows make the home feel brand new and modern , kinda brings any home into a 21st century feel makes it part of the millennium if that makes sense !

Anyway you choose to paint yours walls weather it’s being cozy and comforting or modern and ultra , a fresh coat of paint ads almost 85% value to your home ! Because the paint you’ve chosen for your home pretty much sets the type of home it’s going to be !

Floors , Floors , Floors

Granite , marble or wood ! It does not matter. Do yourself and your home a favor and please spruce up the floor that you walk on and get rid of any carpet you have in your home.

Almost any color marble, granite or hardwood on floors done right ! With matching patterns will immediately make your home so much more valuable ! Like have you ever seen a home that doesn’t look good with marble or granite or even a perfect hardwood job ? No. That’s why you need to invest in your floors ! Their pretty much what sets any interested buyer to look at your home closer than the others , well expect for the paint but the floors matter just as much !

A good flooring Job will add close to 100% value into your home ! Because it just does ! Think of the floors as the shoes you wear !

Their your go ! The best Reno’s to do for the best ROI for your home are

Pretty much the basics ! But they will add almost 100% value to any home !

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