Concrete shortage 2021

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was any city with big buildings. But one that they all have in common is… they all used “concrete”. Concrete is basically the foundation of any modern city, even new york city is called a concrete jungle and other soaring metropolises also. Dubai orders millions and millions of concrete, because they have a new skyscraper going up every half hour. Toronto now slowly becoming a flood of concrete towers is basically becoming the next new york. But yet here in the year 2021, a year filled with deadly viruses that are apparently mutating, white house riots from call of duty, and now a concrete shortage. It’s been said that construction companies now are ordering concrete about 18 days in advance just to make sure ( typically 2-3 days in advance ). China started building new dams in their country which is also fuelling the demand for concrete and we on the western side are barely getting any of it. Lack of logistics. Ships are now having a hard time carrying the concrete we need to build in the fast-paced market and now they’re backed up beyond belief. Close to 46% of construction companies here in Canada and states are facing a nationwide shortage of concrete, time can only tell when the supply can finally meet the demand, but as of right now concrete itself just a bag of Portland cement needed to make the concrete is up 133%.